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Recurrent Training

Flight Reviews

The FAA requires that pilots obtain a flight review every 24 calendar months to remain safe and proficient. This consists of a minimum of an hour of ground and an hour of flight. Our FAA certified flight instructors are here to help you achieve this requirement in either our aircraft or yours. Our instructors also participate in the FAA's WINGS Pilot Proficiency Program and can fly with you to certify your flight credits in lieu of the traditional flight review. If you are coming up on your 24 months, or just want to shake off some rust, we can fly with you to bring you back up to speed into the world of aviation!

Instrument Proficiency Check

The FAA requires that instrument pilots fly 6 instrument approaches with holding, intercepting, and tracking courses every 6 months. After 6 months has elapsed, a safety pilot will be required. If, however, it has been a full year since your instrument experience expired, you must complete an instrument proficiency check. Our experienced CFIIs will get this done efficiently and ensure you have a rewarding experience.

Typical Costs of Recurrent Training

Services can generally be accomplished for the amount shown below.  Costs incurred at the time of service will be based on the actual time spent at our current rates.

Flight Review


Estimated Cost

1 hour Ground Instruction $55

1.5 hours Aircraft Rental $225

1.5 hours Flight Instruction $83

Instrument Proficiency Check


Estimated Cost

1 hour Ground Instruction $55

2.5 hours Aircraft Rental $375

2.5 hours Flight Instruction  $138

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