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Teaching is more than imparting knowledge; it is inspiring change. Learning is more than absorbing facts; it is acquiring understanding." -William Arthur Ward

Certificated Flight Instructor Course

Are you looking for a career in aviation, or just want a "hobby job" on the side? Not only is it exciting to make money by doing what you love, but teaching what you love for others is very rewarding. Whether you want to build flight time quickly or you aspire to making flight instructing a career, we will help you achieve this dream!

CFI is the most challenging and academically rigorous, but also the most rewarding.  You will hone your knowledge to expert level and learn the skills necessary to become an effective teacher.

Typical Cost CFI Course

Total Program Cost


15 hours flight training with an instructor-$3,075

15 x $150/hr aircraft rental + 15 x $55/hr flight instruction

25 hours Ground instruction-$1,375

25 x $55/hr ground instruction

Designated Practical Examiner's (DPE) Fee-$1,200

Payable to the FAA representative during your checkride.

FAA Certification Requirements

  • Hold either a commercial pilot or airline transport pilot certificate
  • Hold a current instrument rating
  • Be able to read, write, and understand English
  • Pass the FAA Fundamentals of Instructing test or hold a teacher's certificate
  • Pass the FAA Flight Instructor Airplane test
  • Pass the FAA Practical Test

What to Expect in the Course

The training follows a structured syllabus, but it may be easily tailored to the individual student as needed. The training includes both classroom and flight training and is broken up into 3 stages, each with different core objectives. The following are partial lists of what to expect in each stage:

Stage 1

The learning process

The teaching process

Planning instructional activity

Flight instructor responsibilities and professionalism

Stage 2

Flying from the right seat

Recovery from spins/endorsement

Developing lesson plans and a syllabus

FAA publications

Regulations for flight instructors

Stage 3

Further develop flying skills

Build knowledge in all subject matter areas

Pass the FAA knowledge test

Demonstrate proficiency during an end-of-course check

Core Objective: Pass the fundamentals of instructing knowledge test

Core Objective: Become proficient in the right seat; pass the flight instructor knowledge test 

Core Objective: Pass the Flight Instructor practical test

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